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A long day

A long day on the water on Saturday, with the first Autumnal feel to the weather. The first race took us up to Stanbury. Weaving in and out of the Bosham boats, up the Thorney channel tacking against all and sundry then running back to Ellanore. Merlin did a lot of dipping but this time it didn't make a difference. In the afternoon we went down to Mill Rythe and back, then just as we thought we'd finished, the race was elongated.  At least it enabled us to pass a few boats who decided enough was enough! 

A number of boats felt they had to tack immediately in front of us on Sunday and with wind holes on every tack, and boats tacking remotely whilst remaining in the same direction it was quite a challenge for the fleet of 10 boats.  So to win the racing was a technical challenge, well done to Mike Moss in X50 for being miles ahead in the first race and X158 for pipping X186 and X50 in the second race.

So the winner of the Joan Shaw Trophy is X50, 2nd X158, 3rd X100. 

This Wednesday it looks very windy again! 

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