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An Evening of Firsts!

Wednesday was an evening of firsts! Roger and Jeremy ran the racing and for the first time -ever we had 2 races, a very short one followed by a longer one. Lots spinnaker practice and for the first time ever we had a general recall so lots of starting practice as well. (I think Roger was showing ALL the 'ropes' to Jeremy. 

What a splendid evening, though with lots of close racing, around Astra, Rookwood and Thorney (a bit too close for some) and my first outing following surgery, Sorry Mr Consultant I couldn't wait any longer! AND thank you Barry for making me love sailing.

X26 and X103 joined in the fun resulting in eleven boats out in a steady 10 - 12 knots, this is fantastic, so where are the rest of you? Who's going to join us all next week? 

Many thanks to Roger, Jeremy and Mike Marsdin for running the innovative evening. 

We need more volunteers: please offer to help in plenty of time - look on the WER duties on the website for available slots. We need everyone to take a turn.

On Friday we had an interesting talk from Lawrence Mead who is in charge of giving you a good racing week at Cowes. Lots of questions answered followed by dinner in the club.

Saturday and yet more X's on the water -15 - in winds between 18-25 knots, definitely a three up day. X55's main halyard came down again and worse a crew fell out of a boat and his life jacket didn't inflate until rescued in the rib. The water would have been very cold. It will be a very good idea to ensure all aids are fit for purpose! 

This weekend Griffith Challenge starts on Saturday morning and b2b in the Matson Series in the afternoon. Sunday are 4b2b races outside the harbour if the weather is kind. 

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