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Mystery Tour

Tony Glover organised the annual mystery tour on Wednesday and this year it was to Dell Quay.

12 X's made it to the start line with Merlin right at the front. X51 passed quite quickly with X83 in hot pursuit and 101 on our tail, both cut the corner at Westlands and got through us. Merlin held her own throughout the race until the last run home where 55 who dipped all the way to gain a place, did so and 71 who had been playing with us all the race pipped us just before the finish. 

Or did they? Well we're not sure where the finish was, If it was on Dolphin as per the flag then we got them both in spite of all the dipping!  Many apologies from Tony who had the wrong flag up and my helm this evening was Jerrold. We never sail together, maybe we should more often! A refreshing race on a beautiful sunset evening and this year we had the wind throughout. So well done to X51, 101 and 83. And a huge welcome to Damian and Sue who had their first WER outing on X71 this year. 

Saturday turned out to be a day of fickle, difficult winds, the intrepid two set off in Merlin a little concerned as Cambermet read 15-20K. Everyone said it would drop and so it did. Felicity was determined we would be on that start line at the start so there we stayed until the gun, a very good start it was too and Merlin kept up the pace, keeping in the mix throughout the race. Up to Star down to EH and back. We spent the race looking who to follow so we started on X55, suddenly we were ahead of them so we chose 130 but we passed them and so it went on but slowly most caught up and passed us. Winner was X65 who raced by themselves, miles in front, 2nd was X130 and third X184.  So if we can do it so can you, time to try an XOD out if you're still thinking!

In the afternoon we were told the race would be delayed 20 minutes so we waited on land and by the time we got to the start line the race had begun. We were going in one direction and the entire fleet in the other. So David McG dipped the line, asked someone the course and off we went again. The rocket ship ate her way from the back to 5th during a very difficult race mixed up with the Sunbeams who kept running aground. X130 went from last to 2nd then promptly ran aground so much that Chris had to strip off and jump overboard. Nice tan! 3rd was 101, I told you to watch out for them- first was Catherine X26. All in all a very hot sunny days weight loss workout- until we had cake!

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