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Autumn Championships

Half of the 11 boats were over the line on WER, but it didn't stop us having another enjoyable evening on the water. X26 was sailing all by themselves miles ahead of everyone. X51 was 2nd and X39 in 3rd place. Unfortunately the bar wasn't yet open when the first boats came ashore so the evening was split between the pub and the club!

The weekend sailing was for the Autumn Championships, we must stop using that word, every time we do the wind drops and Saturday was no exception. It was decided to have 3 b2b's on Saturday due to the no wind predicted on Sunday. Sixteen boats managed 11/2 races before the winds nosedived and the race shortened. Thankfully we all were towed home. So quixotic is the queen bee - well done for having a 2nd and 3rd in very difficult conditions.


1st Quixotic with Steve David and Gill

2nd Xcitation with Roger and Mike

1st Stocker boat is Sea Mist Phil and Liz

1st Pilsey Boat is Quixotic 

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