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Class Captains Report 2020 & Proposed Calendar 2021

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Roger welcomed everyone to the first AGM Zoom meeting. We had a late start to the season due to Coronavirus and although some boats weren’t able to launch we had a brilliant season with more boat starts this year despite the virus. Roger welcomed Penny and Nigel as a fantastic addition to the fleet and hoped to see Chris McClaughlin out in Estelle next season.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to do all the sailing we’d scheduled such as more OOH racing, and we only managed half the harbour tour. We moved the start times either side of high tide and the race officering was much better this year. A vote of thanks was given. The sad casualty of Wednesday evening racing was the Tony Probert Race. Hopefully this can be arranged for next season.

We didn’t race Hayling Bay Championships, Out of Harbour Championships, Picnic on the beach, and the Invitational star studded cast of heroes for the Joan Shaw Weekend. This is a great marketing opportunity and we should try to re-visit it another year.

We had a Hot Date Day which proved to be a great success and so we have arrange two for next year, one at the beginning and one at the end of the season.

Proposed Calendar for 2021:- David Priscott: discussed the 2021 season, where we are hoping to include many of the new series that was organised for this year. The draft programme so far:-

Itchenor Keelboat Week 14-18 June

Hayling Bay Championships 5-6 June

Itchenor Regatta 12th June Cowes Classic Week Cowes Week 5-9 July

Cowes Week 31- 7 August Hot Date Days 17th April and 18th September Out of Harbour days 23rd May Bembridge

15th August Seaview 4 b2b racing Harbour 20 June Harbour tour 21-22nd August

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