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Wednesday evening sailing - we had just enough wind to get down to the start. There was an enormous layer of cloud low down in the distance towards the IOW and we discussed what this meant, rain we thought. Then we ran aground! We weren't alone Paddy in Zephyr joined in, only he didn't have an oar to turn the boat and had to jump out! It put us all out of the running.

Slowly it became obvious that this cloud was dense fog descending upon us, it was so thick and eerie - we couldn't see Ellanore or the ferry or Dolphin, the RO was hooting at intervals to change the course, fortunately we heard Alan on the ferry yell across. Having rounded Ellanore the wind dropped, the spinnaker got soaked with damp air and stuck to the sails as we slowly, very slowly crept home with the tide. It was so spooky, sailing completely blind, just hearing the odd voice somewhere out there. The sun appeared briefly near the moorings. I couldn't believe my eyes, David was standing on the bow of Athena and all around the boat the water started bubbling up, it looked as if a monster was under his boat - then we saw the fish- loads of them swarming together against the tide. We moored to the arrival of dense fog again, not making it easy to find bods on boats that needed picking up. However we did find the bar!

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