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Dell Quay Regatta

Regatta day at Dell Quay and after a long delay, Merlin managed a brilliant start but was passed by Foxglove with Princess Juliana in hot pursuit, eventually Ibex also got through and then it was a long race to home, only home was at Dell Quay! So Itchenor being the last buoy, we followed the leading boats among the moorings and into the shallows. And of course by this time it was pretty shallow on a falling tide - Merlin went hard aground, Chris popped over the side and attempted to get us off, meanwhile Falconet in hot pursuit of us followed us in. Popping out is one thing, popping back in is quite another!

Only with the greatest difficulty did we drag him aboard, Fortunately along came Steve to the rescue and towed us out of it, meanwhile a rib dragged off Falconet leaving Pete in the water, while Ron was last seen tearing across the harbour trying to find ropes to sheet in. I'm told afterwards lots of bottoms touched or grounded up the harbour to Dell Quay. Anyway full marks to Al and Jeremy in Foxglove who just managed to keep their lead to win the coveted cup! Bags, literally, of sandwiches and cakes were waiting for us ashore.

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