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Evening racing starts

Oh My Goodness!

What a fabulous start to the Wednesday racing. A perfect evening. The wind even managed a 13 in it. 7 boats went out, well 61/2. Merlin's first race of the season ended rather abruptly soon after the start which was ever so slightly delayed, firstly waiting for X80 to join us, (I don't know why we waited for them, they could easily have caught up) and secondly because I watched Merlin sail past Wear into shallow water and was so keen to see if she'd turn or run aground that I forgot we were in the middle of the countdown, but thanks to X80 who reminded us we got going again. Well it is Wednesday and its all part of the fun.  Unfortunately Merlin needed a bit of TLC and had to retire. X50 won, X80, 2nd and 1/2 a boat length later came X172. 

A really nice evening with huge thangs to Alastair, Tina and Alan (on Dolphin) who took out guests, Dolphin's guest became an excellent ARO while the resident ARO (me) jumped ship to find out what happened on Merlin. Many thanks to Alan who bought me a bottle of wine for being such a good ARO - it wasn't deserved!

A fabulous weekend sailing over Easter with 8 races in glorious sunshine and light winds.

X55 had a bit of a downer, having had the Full English to set them up for the day's racing. On raising the main halyard it decided to get stuck up the mast and wouldn't budge. They were last seen with Pete, up the mast of an adjacent yacht swinging across a large span to the top of X55's mast. Game over for them!

Friday afternoon with a spring falling tide on this fantastic weekend, - temperature 21 degrees and winds between 5-12 knots ten boats went out and I have to mention, although I shouldn't, as Roger was very kind in changing my Cap Shrouds, BUT X184 beat X50 and X51, for the first time ever and it's made their year!  The weekend was all about the flood tides at Dunes, multiple yells and arguments on Saturday as everyone arrived at Dunes together in contrast to Sunday, where the fleet had a 2 hour marathon from Peacock to Dunes. There was a deafening roar 'yeeees' from X50 which could be heard from the back of the fleet when they finally rounded the mark.

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