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From zilch to kamikaze

Well we went from zilch to kamikaze!

Saturday was a hang around chat day, all morning, then through lunch waiting for the wind to rise from1-2 knots, putting the world to rights- that is until the rugby started. No one would abandon the race, the poor Race Officer was expecting us all to stand down but no-one would, even Roger asked for a vote of those who refused to make a decision - maybe at half time - in the end we abandoned and within 5 minutes Cambermet rose to 7 knots! 

Sunday four kamikaze sailors went out and if you want to see the 3 short videos look at XOD Itchenor on facebook. X50 was in the lead, with X71 in hot pursuit followed very closely by X26. X71 decided to do a 360 on the last stretch and it was touch and go whether 26 would get through. In the rear came 130 - very well done as they were only 2 up, and if Lucy was on board, it was one and half up! So well done everyone, no wonder you do so well in the Solent adventures.

5 more races till the end of season, hopefully this wind will decide what it wands to do and allow us to sail!

This is the time of year when sailors move around on the boats - Lass X80 is looking for a 1/3 share in the syndicate £5,500. If you're interested please contact Richard Bullock on 07921 099 930 or

If anyone is interested in partnerships/syndicates let me know. 

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