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Fun Racing

Goodness me! I'd forgotten what fun sailing is- perfect Wednesday evening racing in about 15 knots of wind dropping slowly with twelve, thirteen, fourteen boats out - I lost count. It was absolutely wonderful to be finally out on the sea gliding through the waves in Merlin, especially with no water pouring in! With a couple of hours tuition from Roger, Felicity and I got on the start line and kept up with the top guys on the water.  We decided to follow Roger and went left together with half the fleet. 

When he got too far ahead we kept up with Colin and Chris in Catherine with 39 not far behind him. Starboard rounding at Ellanore and spinnaker back to Park. We were discussing the rules on rounding a mark with three in a row - David in Anthena level on our right and Beaver on our left as we approached Park. We watched in horror as David took a swing with his boom at Dolphin, Pete and Helper ducked with award winning olympian speed, as his boom narrowly missed the flagpole, rounding the mark superbly. (is that how it's done)!

Beaver and Merlin went round together but fortunately Beaver got her knickers in a twist with the spinnaker stuck up the shrouds, so we were able to get away and stay away. All in all a terrific start to our belated season.

Thanks very much to Pete Lawrence and helper (sorry didnt see who you were) and David Priscott who followed us round and picked us up afterwards, proceedings ending after 8pm with a lovely sunset. 

Top of the tide racing on Saturday - 15-18 knots with a brilliant course set by Alan, right down to SW Pilsey, back up to Rookwood and back down to Dunes and round the spreader - for all those who forgot what a spreader is its the large red buoy near Dunes that you missed out. Up to Peacock and back down to E Head the over to Peacock and Park then home. 

Well done to the girls! Felicity and Beverley, who were helming Merlin and Phoenix, not easy with so many boats in the harbour. Playing cat and mouse with the cruisers until they settled at East Head beach then we only had 20 Sunbeams, 16 Swallows and 12 Xod to contend with! Nothing like a good 2 hours plus race. Thank you Alan. 

From next Wednesday the club is providing food and drink after racing BUT you will need to book and pay online before racing

Apart from Wednesday Probert race we start Roger's fun weekend 2 days racing around the harbour on a mystery tour and 2 days out of harbour, race down harbour, 2 races out of harbour 1 race back - for 2 days.  We are now permitted three in a boat - if you don't look at one another! So if anyone is in need of a crew or a skipper please let me know. I'm running out of photos so if you have any new ones please pass them onto me. If you do a duty and have a phone please take photos. See you on the water in Merlin

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