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Golden Tiller Traveller Series to celebrate 100th Anniversary of X's at Cowes

Now that we are hopefully through the worst of this winter both in terms of weather and Covid restrictions, we can start to look forward to a long and busy 2022 season.

This year marks the 100th Anniversary of XOD Class racing at Cowes Week. Congratulations to Gary & Claire Rossall for being the first entry. I’m sure there must be a Cowes Week prize for first entry. It’s great to see so many early entries but please enter early if you can. A good early entry gives us more bargaining power with the race organisers and it saves you money.

Following a successful first year for the Travellers Series we have decided to extend the series to 11 events, as given above, making it easier for owners to attend at least four events.

There are at least two events local to every Division. With the longer events, we have restricted the qualifying races to a few days, depending on how many races are completed each day. Hopefully this will encourage the less committed crews to attend more events.

The series will be low scoring with your best four events to count.

If there is a tie, the fifth event score with be taken in to account.

If there is still a tie (i.e. two boats have won five events each) the series will be decided by the total number of boats beaten in their boats best four events.

Some boats will be launching in a little over six weeks’ time with the first race at Itchenor schedule for 26th March.

Good luck with the rest of your winter maintenance.

See you on the water,

David McGregor XODCA Class Captain.

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