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Got you!

Wednesday saw the Alexanders go head to head in a very competitive race throughout. !60 was ahead with 184 on her tail, eventually going neck and neck downwind to Wear, then along came 152 not wanting to be left out, so the battle really got going, unfortunately 160 chose the wrong side of the harbour and they both got through. 160, Merlin went up the Itchenor side of the harbour to the finish, leaving the other two on the Bosham side. Out of nowhere came 101 passing 152 and coming 2nd. !84 won! Really fun evening. The club was overflowing with the Dutch, children, bikes, cheese and pancakes!! Great atmosphere, we should do it more often!

Many thanks to John, Sarah, Bill and Little Tom (I think) for running the racing.

Anything that floated, and things that didn't were on the water over the weekend. 

Saturday was a day of Off Wind racing! But the most glorious day to be on the water. And what competition in the middle ranks. X50, 80, and 186 spun away and stayed away, 101 raced by themselves and the rest of us in the middle ranks had to work hard jostling in turn with X132 , 160, 184 and 130. First race 132 got us on the finish line so we were pretty determined to get them in the second race and just pipped them by a hairs breadth-  also taking a few others on the last leg!

But Sunday was the day to remember especially in the afternoon when Merlin battled it out with X182 and X55. who took it in turns to overtake her. Merlin the rocket just went for it and magic was in the air with Tina behind the wheel! Oh she's so cool! We passed both 182 and 55. Pete Lawrence said he heard us cheering ourselves from 500 metres away - that's from behind us! Sorry guys we well and truly got you! 

The Westwind Trophy is all races to count. So I reckon its in the bag for Merlin unless you all pass us tomorrow. So don't rush down, I'm sure they'll be lots of traffic!

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