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Great end to the season

What a great end to the sailing year with the Laying Up Supper and prize giving. Well over 100 people attended. The last trophies of the season were:

Pilsey Pint - X160 Merlin

Stocker Salver - X101 Thora

Falling Leaf - X101 Thora

Bowerbank Trophy - X50 Xcitation

Moreton Reeves - X50 Xcitation

Autumn Trophy - X50 Xcitation

Beadle Bowl - X50 Xcitation

Divisional Champion X80 Lass

It been a remarkable year, always great sailing, lots of fun, wind or zilch, rain or shine, the X's have been out racing way over 120 races in all weathers and latterly high winds!

But now it's time for the crew forum to put its feet up and not worry about who to put on what boat, but I will be back next year to start the season. So stay with me and you'll get a wake up call in March.

Thank you also for all the lovely emails you sent me, but just before I go-on behalf of David and myself I would like to thank you all very much for our gifts. It was a real shock, especially as we have both thoroughly enjoyed our roles over the last three years and it has been a genuine pleasure "working" with such a lovely bunch of people. Hopefully we can continue to improve on what we've achieved. But we couldn't have done it without your help, you've all been so welcoming, friendly and helpful to both new and "old" members, on and off boats. Many of you have given your time and effort to help people like myself get off the mooring and get moving! David Priscott has done a marvellous job of keeping the results correct and ensuring I had them so they were loaded onto the website extremely quickly. For those who wanted to know where they were in the trophy races this is a huge improvement. Many of you have given your knowledge and advice to help us along the way and we thank you all.  One more thing, your trophies from the AGM are all engraved so pick them up whenever you want. I hope to see you at the club during the winter months. If you're still not a member you are welcome to go to the club without joining, but if you haven't joined us yet it's time you did!

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