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Great Racing!

Many thanks to Alistair Impey and David Maclean who ran the race for eleven X boats on another delightful evening. Perfect conditions for a fun race round Itchenor and Wear. X186 won the day, but well done to the guys on X129 who managed to pass 4 boats by going down the other side of the harbour to Park, coming 7th. X80 who arrived after the start managed to catch up and pass all and sundry coming 4th. A very pleasant socially distanced 6's afterwards in the garden! 

Richard Field requested that I send this round, from his very good friend Clive Wallace who watched us all having fun during IKW this year.

What fun we had keeping you up to date on the state of racing at Itchenor points week. 2020. during the coronavirus crisis. The Officers of the Day made extremely good courses which kept the racing tight and exciting to watch even in a launch. The condition of the fleet looked the best I have ever seen in so many years of racing,still life in the old girls yet. The standard of the helms and crews was better than I have seen the international circuits. Very impressive indeed and the lady helms put their boats beautifully through the tasks and coming out with speed, lovely to watch. Richard, all i can say is that it was a privilege to watch such great racing from the boats i love to see on the water, not being stopped by this awful situation we are going through. Well done to all. Alfred Westmacott would be very proud of you and of his beloved X boats. All the best. Clive MacLeod Wallace.

Photo by Sula Reidlinger

As there was only one lady helm, Clive must have been referring to Penny Hot Date day for those that are participating this Saturday but please note this may be postponed if the wind isn't great for lots of advice/help.

Everyone came back completely soaked and exhausted after Saturday morning's race, seeing them put us off but in the end we went, the winds came down a bit and we all had a magnificent race to Gardner a couple of times. I have no idea who won as we went up the wrong side of the harbour and took forever to get back - another lesson learnt! 

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