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Ground Hogging Day

Another Wednesday, another race another grounding! Actually three! First was129 Vixen very firmly aground, Alan managed to navigate them into the shallows! Fortunately we had the ferry boat to eventually get them off with difficulty. Falconet, Beaver, Zephyr and Merlin were in the mix together, Second grounding was Merlin, I asked David McG, 'Is that line across the water where the shallows start'? Too late - as we tacked we landed! Fortunately the jib wasn't tacked so we were already backwinded, David, almost with bum in the water weighted us over enough and we were free again but not before Falconet and Beaver got through us. Meanwhile on the opposite bank also aground was Zephyr who managed to free themselves- I think one went overboard to give a push! We were ahead of them and don't know how he did it but David got us through Beaver again and a close race ensued between the three of us, with Zephyr over the finish line just before us. But throughout the race, Roger and Felicity, who jumped ship, to get more boats on the water, were so far ahead in Athena they sailed by themselves, with Phoenix a long way back coming second.

Back on the mooring the evening light on the sea was just beautiful.

Big thank you to Steve, Gill, Jerrold and Stephen for running the race. 

Bosham Regatta was cancelled although three boats had a very close race and all finished within a minute of each other. Sunday was Thorney's Regatta. A great course with Alastair X186 in the lead the entire race - nice feeling! - Tea was definitely worth the trip over although everyone gave up waiting for the winning glasses to be presented!

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