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Hayling Bay Championship

Hayling Bay Championship What a day! First a race down harbour, 2 races in Hayling Bay and then the race home. An amazing turnout of X boats, swings and roundabouts for each race but the day can't go by without mentioning David McGregor in Athena, not sure when he threw the crew overboard or was he practicing for the Lone Star? With spinnaker flying, he flew to the finish line with a 3rd, 1st, and a 4th. All the helms excuses were - he was a lightweight, but due respect for racing single handed. We were exhausted after 4 races, I can't imagine how he was! A long day but worth it. Brilliant sunshine throughout and kind winds. How wonderful that Tom Tait was able to watch from the sidelines.

Sunday, although a grey day was also excellent and a huge thank you to Peter and Ann Taylor and teams for the superb race management.

The Leuw Cup was won by Penny Fulford in Madeleine X58

2nd Astralita X91

3rd Catherine X26

4th Xcitation X50

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