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Hot and Cold!

What a change in the weather on Wednesday wet, cold, very windy, in fact pretty unpleasant. The Swallow fleet ducked out but not the diehard X's! 7 boat crews were found huddled in the bar, the rain finally stopped and they all had a good but breezy evening. Michael McNish, Pete Robson and Steve Dover ran an excellent race so thank you to all of you. Please don't forget to sign up for your duty. Look on the website for free slots.

Saturday was the day for factor 30+ very light winds in the morning down to 3 knots at one point, I think thats where we got stuck, trying to sail a boat that doesn't move under 5 knots but eventually we broke free but were very much last. Shame we had no marks to round - just one at the end of the downward trip to Treloar then all the way home without a mark in sight. Unfortunately it took so long to make it back to the morning that Betivuka was on her way out again as we landed! Well thats the wind against tide for you. More tide than wind. At least there was no chance of getting wet, just sunburnt!

The regatta Series starts this weekend with Itchenor and the start time is 14.20, not forgetting the morning race and of course our next Out of Harbour race is on Sunday at 10.40 - 4 races, 1 down, 2 out and 1 back home. Good luck

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