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Itchenor XOD's at Classics Week

Quixotic first over the start line

What an incredible week - My first time at Classics racing amongst 37 boats. So very different from sailing in the harbour. I now know why everyone loves Classics, its, challenging, fun, exhilarating, scary, (pleased I wasn't helming) with up to 40 knots of wind on Tuesday the racing was cancelled so it became a retail therapy day. Wednesday was only for the very hardy, of which there were many! A mast was broken during the race! 

Merlin Ahead of Lass - for a few minutes!

Thursday was perfect and Friday had no wind, we were lucky to have a tow back to Itchenor. So not too much sailing and plenty of fun ashore. Pete Robson offered his boat as the X fleet social club where we all gathered after racing and told our tales. Now getting back to earth after a fantastic week I'm still rocking!

XOD Cowes Social Club on Pete's Boat

Wednesday was a bit quiet for the X fleet. Only X152 and X 151 went out but thanks to Bill Barnes David Smith and Liz Powell, they had an excellent race - Bills Report - the 2 racer boats set off at 18.10hrs from Itchenor Buoy start line to Wear, John Davis, Peacock, Thorny with finish at Club Line. As time proceeded it was decided to shorten at Peacock to Park and home. X152 (Skipper Chris) led all the way finishing at 19.16hrs and X151-Xanadu (Peter helming) completed at 19.31hrs. There were no groundings, collisions or any infringements, so another wonderful evening to be out sailing on an empty Chichester Harbour.

Summer Series 1 High Points scoring results up - Mark Palmer won in Sweet X, Roy Griggs came 2nd in Terrapin and John Tattershall 3rd in Harmony.

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