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LCSC visit in July

Lots of things to organise this season - One event is London Corintheum Sailing Club from Hammersmith want to join us for the weekend July 15th - 17th.

They are used to sailing on the Thames in narrow waters trying to avoid barges and the rowers- and going under bridges! Its a great club, very friendly- I remember fun parties and very boozy sessions in the bar. So they want to come for the weekend and crew on some keelboats. The club is organising a BBQ and band on the Saturday evening to which I hope you will want to join in. Their cruiser section are also sailing round. In the meantime the sailing on Sat and Sunday are b2b's 13.00 on Sat and 10.50 on Sunday. It would really great for them to have the opportunity to try out an X as some may want to join the fleet in the future as I did! - Please look at your calendars and find some slots that I can offer. SAVE THE DATE.

In the meantime, four X's sailed on Sunday morning in near perfect conditions, looking forward to seeing a few more boats out soon.

This weekend will be Easter - already! All morning b2b's - If anyone is looking for a crew please let me know.

This Wednesday the start of WER has been postponed as to the lack of boats on the water. Lets see if more boats are launched before Easter.

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