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Maiden Race

Wednesday was another blissful evening in our beautiful harbour, you could think you're on holiday sailing in the sunset, in gorgeous temperatures until that is if you run firmly aground as 152 and 188 did before the race started. Oh well you can win them all!

Saturday was an epic day for Merlin, as her crew, who hadn't helmed took the boat out and raced for the first time. After an interesting start, really not bad considering -we went down harbour spending too much time looking to see which way 50 and 80 were going and how close everyone was going to the edges at the same time trying to stay on the wind, its harder than you think. Especially when we needed binoculars to see 50 and 80, who incidently were first and second.

We managed to stay near 82 and 132 for a bit until they went off into the middle distance but we stayed ahead of 151 throughout the race although they came very close a few times. The landing on the mooring was a bit precarious and I should have read my instruction sheet from my lessons with Ashley! There we were, hanging onto the buoy at the back of the boat with 151 perilously close and not able to take the sails down. Fortunately - man in shining armour time. -Being moored next door to the Commodore has its advantages and he jumped aboard from the rib and proceeded to take over the mooring while we bought everything down. Lesson learnt, Anyway maiden first race achieved! Can't wait for light winds again!  If we can do it so can anyone. Who's going to join in a partnership or buy a boat and get going before the season's over?

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