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Wednesday we were so busy nattering about James Bond that we weren't watching where we were and ran aground - Felicity great with an oar managed to turn the boat and release Merlin from the mud. The rest of the race was non existent for us. Well serves us right!

But Saturday - they went down like ninepins. The morning race was abandoned due to lack of wind and we paddled around for ever before getting the last lift home.

The wind rose for the afternoon race and 11 X's set off to the start line. X184 ran aground on the 4 minutes gun, then X71 got hit by a dinghy, ouch we heard the crunch as it scraped along poor Wenda, 2 down, 9 to go, then X55 decided to run aground followed by X65, another two down! Meanwhile X91 and X 58 were fighting it out at the front until - well yes X58 followed everyone else. So X39 and X32 were still ahead but they started a competition - last 2 gone = Merlin finished 5th -thank you Tina! Well done X91 2nd X58.

Sunday was our turn - Merlin never had so many dramas in one race apart from being overwhelmed by the wind. She came last in both races - all I can say is we are getting pretty experienced sorting out the dramas! At one point Felicity could be seen standing on the foredeck, paddle balanced against the shroud to release the spinnaker halyard from the spreader! Well there's always next week!

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