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One more week!

With one week to go all the winners up to the AGM can be found in the blog on the website. 

Sadly Merlin is out of the water but here is Alastair's report: on Saturday:-

"We had two great races today in perfect conditions. No wind early-  So with rugby on the TV, the club was full! We all went out racing after the rugby success with 8-12 knots on a busy sailing area; all the Swallows and X's corralled on wind/leeward courses between Park and Itchenor! Back to the club for more rugby - the afternoon race on a proper harbour course. A good turnout in both races with me crewing Damian in Wenda along with Dave Maclean. Roger won both races and we did ok!"

Sound like the perfect day!

So with one race day to go and it will all be over for another year.

The laying up supper is next Saturday, then we can put our feet up!

Oh and don't forget to come and listen to our very own XOD sailor Tom Hammond on the piano

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