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Out of Harbour

Unfortunately the winds were such that there was no racing on Wednesday. 

14boats out on Saturday morning and 16 in the afternoon. That's great news, the more the merrier!

I heard that there was more mast climbing by Pete Lawrence, he must be pretty expert by now. This time for X26, if anyone has any photos of Pete Shinnying up the mast please share them. Or indeed, any photos you take. They may not get onto that weeks email but they are all presented at some point during the season. 

Congratulations and many thanks to the brilliant racing team on Sunday's out of Harbour races - 4 of them - one down, two out, one up. It was such a fantastic sunny day, perfect winds 10-15 with a spike at 17. In the first race, at the back of the fleet we are able to observe a certain boat that failed to follow the navigation marks. They went miles further before realising and  returning to go round the mark, then they did it again, we couldn't believe it, either they were stupid or just hadn't looked at the rules, no-one does it twice! Unfortunately they finally read the rules- well thats men for you, read only when all else fails! Anyway they still passed us and it was close racing throughout the excellent course: everyone having a go at changing places with good and bad starts, including Merlin who did the best port start ever seen on a start line. No-one on Betivuka was prepared to wave the "over the line flag" just in case they got mentioned in dispatches! Superb racing day - Sadly only 9 boats, but they made up for it with tea, cakes and much laughter afterwards. David Priscott did some statistics - In four races we had three different winners, four different boats were in second, and four different boats in third places. Winner was David Palmer with Steve Lawrence. 

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