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Sadly, once again we are coming to the end of the season, only a few more weeks to go before the boats are lifted out for the winter.

If you are a crew wanting to sail more and get more involved the best way is to join a particular boat which is looking for crew/helms.

So this is the time to look at whether you are interested in joining a partnership/syndicate.

As a crew in a syndicate/partnership you become part of a team, racing regularly, maybe hoping to get your hands on a coveted, trophy or glass, or maybe just wanting to sail often in our beautiful boats in the harbour, in the Solent and at Cowes with our other divisions.

Its important to enjoy who you're sailing with rather than whether you're going to win, so finding the right boat or crew is important.

If you feel you are one of those sailors please let me know so I can introduce you to those boats looking for partners

If you are a boat owner looking for a partnership please let me know so I can put you in touch with the crews looking to join boats.

Let me know how we can help?

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