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Sandcastles in the sea

It looked as if it would be 20 knots on Wednesday but it all calmed down when the X's went down harbour. Thanks to David Maclean, Liz Chowienczyk and Ras Turner everyone had a good sail to Dunes apart from Pete on X55 who decided he'd missed seeing sand after being afloat for the past 6 weeks, so he landed twice to have a closer look then decided a man overboard was the necessary. He complained afterwards that too many tourists had been building sandcastles in his absence!

Anyway X80 last down, first back, followed by 101, 152 and 184. Many thanks to the race team who gave up their own sail to help out.  

Saturday was predicted to be 15-22 knots and they weren't wrong . Nine boats raced, very impressive! 101 won in the morning and the 3 men in a boat - all helms on X50 came first in the afternoon with lots of conflicting instructions on board. Sailing was followed by the wigig white wine party to toast the Phillipson Shield remaining at Itchenor. We need to keep it as as there would be a large gap on the wall!

Found this photo in my heap, (this one is for you Tony , We're thinking of you)

Sunday there were too many holes in the wind, someone needs to do some sewing! Merlin was first off the difficult start, first round the first buoy and 7th at Ellanore. Everyone watched our error of leaving the spinny up too long and all took them down and managed to get round Ellanore, while we wallowed in the holes! Anyway a good mornings racing, X55 won both races.

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