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Shall We Shan't We?

Wednesday was a bit of shall we shan't we, the wind being fairly light. Shall we won!

11 boats sailed, I love to see lots of X's out. Also lots of groundings from the Navy guys, on Lizz Whizz, Ibex, Merlin and Beaver!

Roger and Gill set us a good course and we were doing very well in the middle of the fleet, until it was our turn to run aground. We had heroic efforts from Felicity, (Roger nicknamed her the Quantum Punter) She grabbed the oar, went to the bow and kept punting until very slowly the wind changed and she got the boat off the mud. While we were congratulating ourselves, Tina quietly turned Merlin for home, we were so busy nattering we never noticed! The wind eventually picked up, and boats retuned home. No one knows who won, probably John though, who cares - its Wednesday - a fun evening. Roger presented Beaver with a Probert prize - bottle of wine for running aground when he knows the harbour backwards! So if you want to join us for a fun evening - reply to this email and I'll do my best to get you crewing.

Sunday was also shall we shan't we for the opposite reason! very windy gusting 23 knots, with a race down to Dunes twice, we decided not to put up the spinnaker first round, Vixen was 5th round Dunes, then sadly slipped back. Spinnaker up the second round but by then we were soaked through and pleased to let others fly the flag for the second race. Many thanks to John Tremlett PRO who set the courses and kept all the fleets separate and used a spreader to prevent boats tangling up.

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