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So who won the Westwind Trophy

So who won the Westwind? Astralita! But It's time to mention the other fleets, so first Stocker boat was Seamist and first Pilsey, Merlin! (thats why I mention it)!

Wednesday saw the first of the winter hats arrive, sadly no summer sun, only grey skies and plenty of wind. Race up to Wear, down to John Davies and club line finish which took an hour for the first boat, Astralita of course, to arrive back. By the time we were all off the moorings it was beginning to get dark- all very autumnal. Many thanks to Team Vixen for running the race.

Please keep an eye on future start times as evenings draw to a close the racing will start earlier.

So this week start time will be 5.45pm.

Two races on Saturday for the Griffith Challenge and b2bs on Sunday for Beeton Cup.

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