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That was the Week!

What a sail on Wednesday evening - the course was down to SW Pilsey -EH and back down again. Team Merlin thought it was crazy but hey what a really enjoyable sail, thoughtfully shortened at EH so we all made it back before the sun finally set. Sun, wind and tide with us all the way, what more do you want! Chris Froy said he wanted a good beat well he got one - thanks for doing the RO with Mike Marsdin. Very chatty evening in the bar afterwards.

Autumn Championships held over the weekend - a brilliant day on Saturday, we were sitting around waiting for something to happen when we realised everyone had gone -the race was going ahead. Wear Baker x 3 - Sounds pretty easy and Merlin got way ahead in the first lap, that is until the wind dropped and everyone bunched up together - a bit of a lottery who got ahead. X50 won. Sadly the rest of the racing was cancelled.

A lively debate in the AGM followed by dinner and prize giving.

It was the best turnout for an AGM dinner - thank you all so much for supporting it and what a truly enjoyable friendly evening, with some very surprised faces collecting their prizes.

Sunday 3x back to back races - with unexpectedly superb conditions -16 boats to compete against with lots of competition amongst the sailors.

Merlin was pushed up off the start line in the last race but with several others over the line, managed to work her way through the fleet, Suddenly a quick decision by Tina put us in 4th place with Xicitation coming up fast on us, we were neck and neck on the finish line, but a quick tack and back by Tina took us a literally a couple of inches ahead. How exciting is that!

Sadly Catherine was hit by a Swallow after the 2nd race and is now out for the last few weeks of sailing. All in all a superb turnout and racing.

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