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Thats It!

It started with a lockdown and ended with one.

That's it, it's final, it's over for this year! And what a year!

Starting with lockdown and ending with one but in spite of all the rules, regulations, one up, 2 down, 3 only if you can't do 2 or whatever we all had to learn to do, masks, handwash, disinfectant, use toilets, don't use toilets, etc etc we all managed, thanks to a team of superb people. Neil Hart, Ryan, Mike Wigmore, Steve the bosun, and many staff at the club who all put together and managed all the various rules and assistance in getting boats and people safely on and off the water, keeping us well watered and fed. And of course we mustn't forget Roger Yeoman in this who managed to put together a whole new series of top of the tide racing, chasing each other round the harbour, out of harbour racing, 3x b2b's and many other fun things we've done this season. He's managed to cram in probably as much racing as in a normal year. It's been like no other.  Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped to keep the fleets afloat. It will be long remembered by those that have managed to get sailing this year. We even managed keelboat week - four days of great racing.

So there we are -all abruptly finished as it started - and for those not members yet - you really should join and be part of this exciting club with brilliant racing. 

All that remains are for the keelboats to be lifted out of the water and put away for their winter


Thank you one and all for the friendship and camaraderie we've shared through this horrendous pandemic. Here's hoping things may be easier next year!

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