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The Great Weigh in

What a wonderful bunch of people the X fleet are. You were amazing on Thursday/Friday, when we took 14 boats to Bosham for the 5 year weigh in.

So on behalf of Ted and I, we want to thank you so much for all your kind volunteering, keeping to the schedule of weighing, getting soaked in wind and tide and freezing cold AND more importantly kept smiling and laughing.

We must also thank Tim Cath and his incredibly professional, friendly helpful team who enabled this to be such a slick operation, everyone who went to Bosham were so impressed.

A huge thanks to Ted who offered to take up the challenge and take on this mammoth, military style operation. He has done so much work, due dilligence and organisation to get it to run like clockwork. With all that Ted has done we are now ready, with the prototype for next time!

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