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The price of retiring!

Well,  Wednesday night racing was redefined this week as we had two races much to my disappointment (I’m only half joking).  The sun was shining, the wind was perfect and we had 8 XODs on the water - what more could you ask for.  X26 and X65 were spotted cruising in the sunshine but gave the racing a miss.

The first race was a windward leeward race (known as a sausage to the less dedicated sailor) with two laps. Personally, our start was disrupted by a grounded swallow being towed off the mud through the start line; however, we shall not judge, as we visited the beach later ourselves…

50 and 80 set off in the lead closely followed by 100, 55 and 51.  101, sailing 3 up, magnanimously gave the fleet a two minute head start. Try as we might, the chasing pack could not  quite close down 50 who won.

Excited to return to the club and have a glass of Rosé, I was informed that there was to be another race (on a Wednesday no less). The hardened sailors beamed… I faked it ….

In an effort to get to the bar quicker, we were over the line and to start again whilst the real race began. Again 50 and 80 were battling it out - but this time 50 shot off into the distance never to be seen again.  In the middle of the pack, 100 and 186 traded places several times while we visited the beach near Astra. David says the shallows have moved recently. I’m sure we can blame it on Corona Virus.  Rumour has it 55 strayed into the shallows as well. Pete was looking very wet after racing.

The Blevins decided that one race on Wednesday was enough, and we followed suit after I had to swing from the shrouds to release us from land’s grip.  Without the pressure of racing we cruised home, escorting the race winners for a social distance. 80 sailed beautifully (all down to the crew I am sure) in to 2nd while the battle between 186 and 100 went down to the wire and 55 earned a steady if damp 5th .

Thank goodness the sun was shining and the wind held.  A great Wednesday evening racing - thank you David Brittain for organising.

Renee McGregor

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