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The Probert Race

The Probert Race can only be described as the pinnacle of WE racing. 16 X boats racing and 11 Swallows and what an evening! Juliet Probert was nervous of coming by herself but was soon put at ease by the overwhelming number fo sailors and partners who came to see her. A huge number stayed for supper. What an evening!

Quite an event to watch from Dolphin. Several boats ran aground -some more than once, X26 was looking for the oyster beds, so he said!

But the winner had to go to Al Ashford on Foxglove who came all the way from Antiqua to sail and couldn't find which side of Dolphin he had to start on so chose the wrong side- then decided to rub his nice clean bottom on the Stocker Bank all in preparation for Keelboat Week!

The runner up was Liz on Seamist as an instructor she gave a lesson on how to get off the Stocker Bank then managed to get her crew to "drop" the spinnaker- which they duly did - in the water. She forgot to tell them how?

So this year the The Probert Trophy which is the largest in the club goes to the sailor who couldn't find the start and ran aground,

Itchenor Keelboat Week starts today:

Morning racing times

Lone Star Tuesday 11.00

Ladies Race Wednesday 11.30

Hands Cup Thursday 12.00

Afternoon Racing start times

Monday 14.10

Tuesday 14.55

Wednesday 15.40

Thursday 16.10

Friday 16.40

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