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Wednesday was THE Probert race which didn’t get off to a good start with ex navy David McLean predicting 35 knots coming from the west, sure enough just as everyone was ferried onto boats the wind struck. Damian, very late had no boat, so he jumped on Xcitation with Mike Moss and George Yeoman. Slowly one by one sails were raised, no one wanted to be the one to chicken out, Once through, the wind dropped suddenly to a 10-15 knot breeze, the sun came out and it was a pleasure to be running the race with Roger.

The start was in fairway and as the 9 X congregated, 3 were over the line, the flag went up and Roger shouted the boat numbers to be helpful, 2 went back, one carried on, looked at us but ignored us. Roger could be heard yelling the boat number and waving frantically until eventually X50 got the rather large hint and returned to the start.

David’s team looked at the course board once, someone we noticed even took a photo of it. Anyway Roger changed the course but David never looked back and went round the wrong mark. So the winner was (as Al had predicted from his email to us, saying how proud he was to be the first recipient of the trophy and that Damian would be next)! Xcitation for not listening and a very close Lizz Whizz for not watching. Tony was duly toasted to a glass of Prosecco for all the sailors, with many thanks from us all to Roger who paid for the drinks. I think Roger should be third even though he didn’t sail, He took photos of all the boats close up round Itchenor, see below!

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