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Top of the Tide Racing

Wow!. What a race that was today. Congratulations to John and Sarah, who gave us all an object lesson in sailing in sparkling but tricky conditions at the top of the tide. It was great to sit back and admire, hrrrmmph!

The rest of us had a great battle. In fact I can't remember quite so many of us all trying to squeeze around the windward mark at once after a several mile beat.

Especially brilliant performances from Alan and Jonathan on Falconet, Dave and his helmswoman Renee on Athena and those Quixotic boys, who get faster and faster. Thanks for letting us cross on port. You did say carry on, didn't you!?

As usual Alastair and Bev plugged around in a nonchalant but always threatening way. Thank goodness Alastair doesn't take it seriously! All in all everyone is going far too fast.

Anyhow, next up Wednesday evening. David Brittain has kindly volunteered for RO duty. Anyone fancy being the ferry driver?

Please sign on for Wednesday and for the following as well:

1. In Harbour/OOH-August 8th-11th.

2. High Water Racing-Wed 19th-Friday 21st.

3. Keelboat Week-Tuesday 1st-Friday 4th Sept.

The sooner we all sign on the better for ease of organisation.

Thanks very much and I look forward to seeing those of you who can make it on Wednesday. 

Best, Roger.

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