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Weekend of Excellent Racing

Seven XOD's went sailing on Wednesday with a falling tide and the wind quickly disappearing in front of us. Everyone managed to get to Park after rounding Peacock apart from a Swallow with X160 close behind. We gave up the struggle after being completely stationary just before the mark and didn’t fancy the trip back down to Peacock. So managed to hail a tow from Dolphin early on. Made a change to be first in the bar! Rumour has it that X50 with Roger and Di, after a quick unseen paddle managed to sail all the way back without aid. The rest went for the offer of help. Thanks to David MacGregor and Pete Lawrence for all the towing assistance.

Such an exciting day on Saturday,-  Morning  on X186 with Alastair, we had a brilliant race with X55, X181 and X26, a slight technical problem and X26 did a turn enabling us to get through into 3rd place. 

Afternoon race was on Merlin - the rocket- she really is- with Alastair, we were right up their again with X50, X91 and X26 - neck and neck at one point, Roger got through and so did X91 we held off X26 most of the way to Channel before they passed us BUT Roger deiced to go home another way and so we passed him and held our own against X26, meanwhile X91 got away and eventually won, followed very closely by X26. A brilliant day and race for Merlin, Great to be back in the throng.

The C.C. came out on Merlin with me on Sunday. What we thought was going to be a long procession turned out to be some very close racing between X182, 82, 160, and 181 and 158. (There were several boats behind also having similar "battles for supremacy)" All behind Roger who raced with himself miles in front of the fleet. Had a good tussle with all of the above eventually managing to pass the lot, putting us into 2nd place, That is until the wind changed in their favour and off they went in front of us. All that workout!  Anyway a great days sailing with X50, X181, X182 X 82 X160 and X158 ahead of the rest.

See you on the water - in Merlin

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