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Westwind Trophy Weekend

9 X boats went out on Wednesday in 15 knots of wind. Merlin had two very experienced crew and with ferryman Pete Robson, giving instructions and suggestions from the ferry that made three! Thanks to Tony and his 89 year old neighbour who ran the race. 

This is Tony's report: 

“There was a very good turnout with 5 Swallows and 9 X’s racing down to Park and Lowles. The PRO and his non racing neighbour acting as ARO ( possibly the oldest RO’s ever with total age of 173 ) had difficulty sorting out the boards and therefore there was 5 min delay. In the event the leading Swallows were 92 and 83 finishing at 7.15pm. The leading XOD’s were 50,186 and 65.

Westwind Trophy weekend - all races to count. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day with moderate winds,-  sounded like a social race for a couple of boats who chatted together whilst racing alongside. Sunday was a different kettle of water, Winds hit 25 knots before the start but dropped conveniently to 20-25 with a drop to 15 and a peak to 30. X50, 51 and 103 were the hero's - or madmen/woman- of the day. Roger won again. I doubt if anyone will get near him tomorrow, but tomorrow is always another day, especially if he's not racing?

This weekend two races on Saturday and one race on Sunday. As always please let me know if you want a crew or need a skipper?

See you on the water - in Merlin!

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