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What an evening!

Wednesday there were 13 X's out, what a feat, what a race, what an evening! You could be forgiven for thinking it was a Saturday, with 4 Swallows out and about as well. Well done to Chris Froy and Lucy on X26 for winning and X184 for coming 6th. It was marvellous to see Joe Kerridge on X129 join us - first time this year. The bar was packed and so was the Jubilee room for supper. So whose left that haven't come out, who's able, on Wednesdays, lets go for 14 next week! A perfect evening sail. I promised I wouldn't comment on Merlin's outing, what happens on a boat stays on a boat and he has friends in high places!

David once again ran the racing for us all so a huge thanks to him Renee and Robin for their contribution. Please sign up for your turn.

X73 with her new owners Paddy Smart and Steve Lawrence joined in on Saturday. Unfortunately  there was no wind and the classes cancelled one by one but the X fleet hung in there, waiting in the hope of - it paid off - and at 1pm 7 X's were on the start line in winds of 2-10k. 50 won and 101 in 2nd place. We had a little race in-between while waiting for X83 to join the throng. Then the 2nd race began with 50 and 73 in the lead - that is until 101 slipped up the middle of the harbour and passed them both. First round the mark, they clung to their position until 50 romped away on the 2nd lap but they weren't going to let 73 through and a hot race between the two ensued with Bill jumping on the deck in order to jibe the pole quicker! The rest of the boats had a really good race all bunched up. X101 pipped X73 on the finish line. We lost "park"overboard which we didn't realise till fleet had passed so we had a shorter change of course! Thank goodness -it was a very long day for us but a good one for 101.

Bank holiday this weekend, with 6 races for the Hutcheson Cup, Sat am and PM, Sunday b2b and Monday b2b. if you need a crew or require a helm then please let me know as soon as possible.

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