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Wind or Rain!

Winds stopped play on Wednesday and Sunday. So sadly this Wednesday is the last weekday race of the season - If we have some help.- Can anyone who isn't racing help out please?

At least the winds abated for Saturday's racing but instead came the rain, well you can't have it all - can you?  X91 and X50 were way ahead in the morning race. X132, 152 and X184 were doing really well in the first half but they didn't reckon on Ron on X55 whose tactics from Guy gave them the edge creeping up the outside of the left side of the harbour while other half the fleet followed Roger up the right side. Not sure why 91 decided to zig zag across from the left to right and back again, but it didn't seem to matter they still arrived at Wear first with Roger in hot pursuit, by this time the wind was dropping fast and X55 made it to Wear before all the others from the right side came across, Close racing to the finish with winds being really flukey. X55 just pipped X103 on the finish line coming third- where did they come from -then we lost the wind with everyone requiring a tow home. By the time the last of the fleet arrived in the bar it was the wrong side of 1.30pm with heavy rain. I'm pretty sure no-one ventured out for the afternoon race! 

Just four more weekends left, time to get all the boats racing before they're put to bed for the winter, so if you need a skipper or want a crew please let me know.

See you on the water in Merlin

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