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XOD Skittle Challenge

We had a surprise guest on Saturday, I was rather concerned to have agreed to the rather odd request for an invitation as I assumed we would have problems with food snatching, playing skittles and tossing balls about - Michael and Sally McNish bought their puppy to the very crowded skittle evening, who slept quietly without a murmur all evening, in fact I don't think many people even knew he was there. What a good guest, unlike all the other noisy ones.

There were 40 of us at the skittles, the most ever and all raring to go, the room was heaving and David Priscott, "Maitre D" of skittles got everyone off the start line in very good order.

The first game was won by the men 103 against the women 101, I think that was because I wasn't playing, if I had we would definitely have won!

Round two was individual scores - Michael McNish won the men and the overall winner of the night was......1 minute later...........Linda Parker - her cup will be presented at the laying up supper!!

A really sociable and excellent evening, come and join us next year!

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