XOD subscriptions


All members helming or crewing in X boats are requested to join the Itchenor XOD division. Racing results count only when you are a fully paid up member. There are costs involved in running the fleet...

  • We now own three sets of weather-gear for our guests and anyone who has forgotten their own

  • We even have flower vases if you are having a large party

  • We may also pay for drinks, meals and fuel for those who help us racing

  • We may pay for our own parties and advertising, we now own an XOD pop up banner

  • We may entertain guest speakers or other XOD club captains on the fleet's behalf


We pay for all the trophy cut glasses received at prize giving and points week, the odd bunch of flowers, a bottle or two of wine for helpers. Recently the New Matson Spoons Trophy, and much, much more.

Subscriptions will be requested in March with this letter


1st March 2021

Dear XOD Sailor 


As agreed at the AGM the subsription for all sailors and crews who want to sail with the X fleet continues to be £10.00 on the clear understanding that everyone who sails - even the occasional crew - will become a member. It is up to the helm to ensure that all their crews have signed up.


I very much hope you will want to be a Division member and payment is noted below.


Yours sincerely

Roger Yeoman, Class Captain

The subscription rates of £10.00 are due by 30th March 2021. 

After 1st April the fees are double- £20.00

Please transfer your your subs electronically to:


Acount Name:            XOD Itchenor Division

Account Number        61796186

HSBC                         40-17-16

THEN Please email Michael McNish at membershipsec.isc.xod@gmail.com

and send a copy to Susie at vicecaptain.isc.xod@gmail.com to say that you have done so.