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Close XOD Racing

No racing on Saturday with winds up to 40 knots but Sunday was a different matter. Winds starting at 15-20, conveniently dropped down to 10 during the 2 races. No Swallows came out and the Sunbeams did a harbour tour, so the 10 XOD's had a perfect sail in the completely empty harbour. 

It was very close racing throughout the morning in the entire fleet. In the first race X186 was a long way in front until X50 caught them up and fought for first place which they achieved by half a boat length. They kept their spinnaker up a few seconds longer!

Not sure what happened to 186 in the 2nd race to Star, rumour has it there was a man overboard - pushing the boat off the mud, but thats only a rumour and we can't believe every bit of gossip.

 X50 and X55 were neck and neck in the second finish with X50 just ahead. A good mornings racing, even if I do say so myself as ARO! 

We need a volunteer for the ferry please on Wednesday. You can bring a friend.

This weekend is another Bank Holiday and racing for the Felix Bowl. Two Saturday am, and pm, Sunday am and pm and a b2b on Monday. 6 races in all.

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