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Itchenor Keelboat Week

We had a fantastic's weeks sailing with 10-15 knots breezes from the south-west, lots of sunshine and a sparkling sea - by the end of the week we were all looking a lot more tanned than at the beginning of the week. The racing was very exciting with lots of place changes up and down the fleet on most days.

Madeleine won on Monday. Astralita won on Tuesday and Thursday and Xcitation won on Wednesday and Friday. We had two visiting boats from Hamble - Swallow and Felix, both of whom were very competitive.

The overall winner was John Tremlet's crew on Astralita with 6 points, second was Roger Yeoman's crew on Xcitation with 10 points who just beat Swallow, who also got 10 points, to third based on the result of the last race.

Lizz Whizz won the half bottle of whisky for being the middle of the fleet boat, and was also awarded a new dipping cane for going aground twice while trying to get around East Head!


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