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Covid 19 and Itchenor

The Flag Officers have met to discuss the approach the Club should take in the light of the Government’s recent advice and announcements in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our paramount concern is for the safety of our Members and Staff and with that in mind the Flag Officers have determined that the Club will take the following actions; 1. With immediate effect the buttery bar and accommodation will be closed until further notice. 2. The Social programme will also be suspended until further notice.  3. The sailing programme and organised rowing provided by the Club will be cancelled. The Flag Officers are working on the assumption that this cancellation may be for up to 12 weeks, but it could be longer or shorter than that, depending upon developments in relation to the pandemic. 4. However some Members may during this period wish to go sailing and rowing, and the Club will not prevent them from launching from the staging and jetties. Further, individual classes may want to organise informal racing within their own individual class, and the Club is prepared to allow them to use the ferry and one support rib for that purpose so long as they are manned by competent drivers. Participation in these activities is entirely a matter for the individual members themselves; should you decide to sail or row you should consider the Government’s objective of trying to ensure the virus does not spread particularly to older people. Any such races will not form part of any series which is usually part of the Club's Sailing programme. 5. To allow these activities the changing rooms will be open for use during normal hours on Wednesdays Thursdays Saturdays and Sundays. These will be thoroughly cleaned each of these days. The disabled toilet in the Members Building will be free for use by Staff and Members every day, and this will be cleaned every day. 6. The Spring General Meeting fixed for 18th April will be postponed to a later date when Members will be able to attend. 7. The office will remain open during normal office hours The Flag Officers will keep the situation constantly under review. This is a fast moving situation and the Flag Officers will endeavour to react to Government advice. We urge Members to stay in touch using digital tools. We urge Members to follow Government advice for self isolation and social distancing in the light of their own particular circumstances.  Most importantly the Flag Officers wish Members to stay safe in the coming weeks and months. Neil Hart Commodore Itchenor Sailing Club

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