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Knowing the X flag!

Ten X's went out with 2 Swallows last Wednesday, Our start, we had all been reminded, started on the dot of 6pm. Only it didn't! The Swallows went off first. Meanwhile back on the start line was Zephyr with Paddy, daughter and Tim Cath only they'd ran aground. Mark in the ferry rushed to get them off but they were determined to do it themselves as the race had started. Mark hovered around while the toss up brought Tim overboard to turn the boat round and push it off the mud. There was a moments panic as Tim couldn't be seen as the boat started to move again. He suddenly appeared on the transom. Off they went, only to discover the X's hadn't started!- Its always useful to know your flags especially the X one!

A great competitive race as even Foxglove was a bit surprised to see Merlin so close, that is until she grounded for the second time and he got away!

After sailing came Alastairs 70th birthday party on the jetty in front of Masquerade. A very memorable evening - now we know the new jetty can take a large crowd.

Classics is over, Astralita 2nd, Xcitation 6th, Madeleine 8th and Athena 10, (David McGregor won on Tuesday).

Every boat returned home in one piece this year, well not quite, Estelle broke her mast which was a real shame.

Party time on Saturday 16th July - everyone is invited - and its free, unless you want to eat

its time we had some fun - so just turn up and join us - I'm told the band will be playing all the old favourites.

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