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No wind-beautiful sunset!

Many thanks to Colin and team for running the race on Wednesday at the bottom of the tide, Mike Wigmore kindly ran the ferry for us, all very necessary. The wind dropped as the lightening started in the distance. The skies went pretty dark and the sunset spectacular. We all had to be towed home but not until we passed our last mark in the race. The X's just don't give up!

Saturday was Bart's Bash 100 minutes - We were last to the start line, just wrote down the course and then waited to start, very pleased we'd made it. Only all the X's had gone- different start sequence apparently -so we were last following everyone round the harbour, to Dunes, Calvert, Pivot etc. Being 2 up we were overpowered a lot of the time, but it was fun and we enjoyed ourselves until mooring - well thats another story but thanks Steve for rescuing us! Alastair won and Damian came 4th so very well done guys.

HOT DATE DAY Saturday 18th September- 2 races b2b

This is the day where we can finally get some top secret tips from the top of the fleet

Please let me know if you want to take advantage of the hot date. Also please let me know if you will offer to race on another boat to give advice. Lets see whose top tip wins the day

In the meantime plenty of racing still to come Autumn Championships coming up all too soon - sign of the end of the season sadly.

We'll carry on with Wednesday racing for as long as possible so please keep and eye on the times each week. THIS WEEK START TIME IS 5.30pm

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