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Spring is Sprung!

I can't quite believe it- here we are, the start of 2022 sailing season.

Spring is sprung, daffodils out, skies are clear and warm, well today anyway!

We have lots of new boat owners - please look out for them.

X177 RelaXation - Nick Andrews

X80 Lass - Hermoine Patterson

X114 Cariad -James Young

X136 Lafia - Michael Bromley-Martin

X189 Onyx - Ted Roose (for the family and David Priscott)

X174 Foxglove - Jeremy Stupple and Jussie Yeates have joined Al and Jackie Ashford

X78 Fury under new ownership joins us from Lymington.

So a very warm welcome to you and your crews - a large fleet at Itchenor.

The first races of the season start on Saturday AFTERNOON - the first back 2 back of the season. In the morning (10.30am start) we have organised a talk by John Doerr on rules with questions and answers afterwards.

Come and join us!

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