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Were off 2023 season starts

No, we haven’t bought a new boat- Merlin's topsides have had a makeover back to her original colour.

Saturday afternoon was a shakedown for us sorting out the boat whilst racing. We were told we were only 8 minutes behind to first boat - does that sound good? Doesn’t sound too bad I think. We had a bit of a problem with the mooring, well a big problem really, strong spring ebbing tide made life very difficult and with the lovely Madeleine moored right behind us and all on deck watching us, we were extra specially concerned. Well cutting a long story short, after several attempts to get to the mooring we finally managed to get the pick up buoy wrapped round the shrouds as I watched them bend and had to let go. Quick as a flash Penny was there like the fairy godmother in the rib giving instructions to everyone- she saved the day - thank you very much Penny - and Nigel who jumped aboard Merlin and tied us to the mooring. Phew first race done! Sunday morning we watched lots of boats take down their jibs, some their mainsail while getting to their mooring - we went direct to the mooring and picked up the buoy - all sails up and no hassle- well we got that one right. Confidence regained!

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