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Hang onto your tiller -whats new for 2021

Happy New Year fellow sailors - Something to Look forward to

David Priscott, who has worked very hard on our behalf with Ryan, has put together a superb season of sailing - please see his email below. I am putting together all the dates of each series which will be available on the web.

The XOD Programme for 2021 Season We have designed the programme to deliver wherever possible “something for everyone”. There will be short concentrated series, typically over a single weekend, and longer series over a month or two. So what’s in store?.... March The season starts at the end of March with the Early Start Series over the last weekend of the month. April The first weekend is Easter, so from Friday to Monday there will be an Easter Regatta. Chocolate eggs anyone? The April Fools Mug series takes up the rest of the month, with the exception of Saturday 17 when each boat will have the opportunity to invite another XOD sailor aboard for a Hot Date to exchange ideas and enjoy some coaching if appropriate. Of course a favourite starts in April – the Tony Probert Wednesday evening races. We plan to run Wednesday evening races each week until the end of the season. May May sees two Bank Holiday series. The first for the Felix Bowl and the second for the Hutcheson Cups. On Sunday 23rd we have planned the passage race to Bembridge for the Bembridge Canvas. The remaining Saturday races will be for the Matson Trophy. The Beaton Cup series starts on Sundays in May and runs through most of the season. June Hold onto your hats! June is a really exciting month. Over the first weekend, 5th and 6th we are hosting the Hayling Bay Championships. We hope to have enticed XOD sailors from other divisions to join us for this and subsequent events in June. On Wednesday 9th a special Tony Probert race will be run – note an earlier start for a longer race – followed by special supper in the Club. Itchenor SC Regatta is on Saturday 12 leading up to Itchenor Keelboat Week from Monday 14th to Friday 18th. Take a quick breath because we venture back out of Harbour for the four race Leuw Cup series on Sunday 20th. This series is also for the Matson Spoons. Oh by the way on the two Saturdays not taken up with all this excitement we will start the Griffith Cup series. July Many of our fleet will take part in the annual pilgrimage to Cowes while those boats left behind will enjoy the Summer Series. August During August we will go to Seaview for the Vernon Cup on Sunday 15th. Roger will devise a cunning series of races to explore our beautiful Harbour on Saturday/Sunday 21st and 22nd – a Round the Harbour series. (Now that everyone knows where “Church” is – but what about “Fishbourne”?) The races on the last weekend – a Bank Holiday – are for the Westwind Trophy. September We start this month with another weekend series for the Joan Shaw Trophy. The Griffith and Beaton series continue on Saturdays and Sundays until the end of this month. Saturday 18th is another Hot Date day. October The final month of the season will decide many of the season long trophies – Divisional Championships, Stocker Salver, Pilsey Pint, and the Morton Reeves. Races on Saturdays will be for the Beedle Bowl and on Sundays for the Falling Leaf Platter. But do look out for a special season ending series on the weekend 9thand 10th. This will be the newly instigated Autumn Championships for the Autumn Trophy. Final Note As always this is based on the Club’s draft programme and is subject to change.

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