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Winter is officially over

Spring is in the air and the boats are coming out of hibernation and slowly launching, Itchenor reach will begin to fill with all the keelboats and I'm pretty sure some X's will be racing this weekend. 

There's several new boats and skippers on the water this season and it will be interesting to see how they do in their different boats.

The fleet list is up on the website. But it doesn't matter as you're still racing against the top guys. 

So the early series starts this Saturday Afternoon at 2.30pm and on Sunday with a back2back at 10.50.

Don't forget you can now see the race timetables on the website for individual cups and we will be putting up the divisional results during the season rather than at the end so you will know where you are and whether it's worth doing that race you can't be bothered to get down for.

See you on the water

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